Real Unicorns Don't Wear Pants

Group Economics

Episode Summary

Nicole shares the Wonder Ripple, the inspiration behind her group Unicorn Client Attraction Secrets for High Vibe Wonder Woman, and what sets it apart from the rest.

Episode Notes

Creating an environment for a group of people with a common goal to congregate and reach that common goal together was the driving force behind Nicole as she embarked on the adventure of building her Facebook Group Unicorn Client Attraction Secrets for High Vibe Wonder Woman.

In this episode Nicole goes behind the scenes of her consultant brain as she developed her one of a kind Facebook Group. After exploring different groups Nicole noticed there seemed to be something not quite right in the styles she was finding. It was either swim with the sharks and be eaten alive, or enter a one man show arena. Neither of which was very appealing to her and Unicorn Client Attraction Secrets for High Vibe Wonder Women was born.

A group with a common goal, and a common enemy hit that play button to find out just what that is as well as:

--Why no promo rules encourage sleazy sales

--How running a group gets to be easy and what that looks like

--Whats the deal with struggle posts

--The Wonder Ripple in full effect

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